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I would like to thank all of you, members of Crimean Tatars Community of Canada for your dedication and hard work throughout the year. It is an appropriate time to reflect on the challenges we have overcome and accomplishments that we have achieved in the past year.

 A significant contribution of our members was bringing all Crimean Tatars from Diaspora under one umbrella and easy their way to create the “Crimean Tatars Congress”. This in itself does not guaranty our success , however, with the proper focus and attention to our cause we have the opportunity to became the most significant player in the Tatarworld.

As we begin to face the new challenges that lie ahead, I am confident that through hard work and dedication we can achieve our goals. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your respective families a Happy Ney Year.

January 1, 2011


Iskender Ibram

President, Crimean Tatar Community of Canada


The Qirim Tatar Cultural Association of Canada

is based on a dream – a dream that one day, we as Tatars, unite from all over the world and celebrate our traditions in the face of today most turbulent and challenging times. For this reason, we have created a non-profit and non-political organization that promotes our rich Crimean Tatar art and culture across Canada. In addition, the association was established to promote a Tatar network in which members would be able to assist each other in times of need.



Immigrating to a new country with different political, economical, and social standards can be a very exciting but, at times, difficult journey. One of the primary goals of the Crimean Tatar of Canada is to unite the members of the Tatar community so that we may embrace our fellow newcomers as they begin their new lives in Canada. Through our guidance and support, we can help new immigrants and their families access appropriate government services at the federal, provincial, and local levels. Ultimately, we hope that through our united efforts and support, we can help ease their transition process as they adapt to Canadian society. At a national level, we wish to integrate our efforts and provide relief to those who have suffered from epidemics, earthquakes, flood, fire, and other natural disasters.

Now, more than ever, we need to come together as a family of Tatar brothers and sisters and proudly rejoice in our culture and traditions. With your generosity, compassion, and willingness to help each other, we can begin the better life that our ancestors had envisioned for us and provide a brighter future for our children

The Qirim Tatar Cultural Association of Canada

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Tatarworld becomes one of the most and important websites for the Tatar communities in Diaspora.

We are listed now on the first page of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and many other Search Engines. Recently, we got over 150,000 hits per month and this traffic exceeds our expectation.

At the request of our members and thousand of readers we decided to come with a new design with advance features of our web site.

This site is dedicated to Crimean Tatars who are homeless in their ancestor land Crimea, Ukraine. We also encourage members from other organizations who are promoting “Crimean Tatars rights” to submit articles or links to www.tatarworld.com.

Furthermore, you can create an account just in a few seconds, and you can benefit lots of great things:

•    Free listing in our website (business name, phone number, website and email address)
•    Free articles and links
•    You can submit an article or link. We reserve the right to approve and publish.
•    Links can be exchanged with us.
•    Always be up to date about the latest news/events and articles.

Tatarworld becomes popular and leaves because of you. Let’s may 2010 a year of “unity” between all Crimean Tatars in their tremendous fight for land, human rights, indigenous rights and intensify our voice to be seriously taken in consideration by Ukraine government, European community, USA and UN.

Thank you,
Iskender Ibram
President, Crimean Tatar Community of Canada          





It has been well documented that after the Russian expansion in 1783, millions of Crimean Tatars were forced to leave their homeland, Crimea.  On May 18, 1944 this culminated to barbaric mass deportation by the USSR government, under inhuman conditions, to central Asia and Siberia.  Consequently, over 5 million Crimean Tatars were exiled and, today, they live in countries such as: Turkey, Romania, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Germany, USA, and Canada. Shortly after the USSR government collapsed in 1991, a significant number of Crimean Tatars returned to their ancestor homeland.

In order to survive as a nation, we must restore and improve the political power of the Crimean Tatars in Crimea.  We need to unite all Crimean Tatar communities from Diaspora under one political “umbrella” to successfully identify, address and resolve the current social, political, and cultural issues of Diaspora.  A united front will enable us to provide an effective and efficient way to communicate these issues, which impact Crimean Tatars, at the national and international level.

One of these initiatives began with the creation of the Crimean Tatar Community of Canada, whose main objective is to unite all Crimean Tatars from Diaspora.  As part of this organization, we believe that there is an urgent need to create a new forum for discussion, open to all organizations from Crimean Tatar Diaspora.  A crucial priority of this forum is to provide information to Crimean Tatars in Diaspora, who do not have immediate access to sources of media, regarding their struggles, issues, and concerns.  Our plan is to organize conferences world-wide, in which Crimean Tatars can discuss historical events and share opinions, uniting us as a more powerful, internationally-recognized alliance.

Some of the key issues which we would like to focus on are:

  • the right of exiled Crimean Tatars to return to their homeland as citizen of the Crimean Tatar Autonomous Republic
  • the right of legal way of restitution of land, houses and other commercial and residential properties confiscated after deportation
  • restoration of human rights of Crimean Tatars
  • the right to be recognized as indigenous people in our homeland Crimea .
  • restoration of our national autonomy
  • the deportation of Crimean Tatars and continued extermination during Stalinism regime must be brought to the attention of UN, European Court of Justice and United States Holocaust Memorial Council, as a Holocaust

All these major issues must be addressed and integrated at a new level by obtaining legal methods and solutions especially as the present Ukrainian government has recently applied to be incorporated as a member of the European Union.  All the former East communist countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria,Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia which are or will soon be members of the EU, have solved their human rights issues, have provided restitution of land and other properties, have reinstated the rights of minorities as part of their requirement in order to join the EU.  Therefore, by bringing together all these social, political and historical issues to the attention of the EU, Crimean Tatars have an opportunity to not only act as a social force (e.g. to reinforce the EU’s requirements for Ukraine to enter in the EU), but also to contribute to the future of Crimea as a nation…a united and prevailing nation.

The time to act is now – our voices, our parents’ voices, our elders’ voices need to heard and recognized.  The suffering, pain, and torment of our Crimean Tatars during the past decades cannot be forgotten.  There is tremendous work ahead, but Crimean Tatars from Diaspora can do it only united. We owe this to our ancestors who had fought for our rights and freedom and we also need to do this for our children’s future so that they can be proud of who they are and where they came from.

We appeal to all Crimean Tatar Communities from Diaspora to join the Crimean Tatar Cultural Association of Canada and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you how we can plan together our next step.

Iskender Ibram
Crimean Tatar Cultural Association of Canada

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